Bible Baptist Church of Horseheads N.Y.

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Faith Statement

On the 4th of May 2008, a Mission Team left Bible Baptist Church to embark on a special Missionary Trip to Tenneessee to install a new roof on the house of our beloved missionary Brother Powell.. After a somewhat heretic all night trip,with frequent Dairy Queen stops, the team arrived on site. They were greete by sunrise and a roof which our Pastor described as potentially the worst roof  job he had ever attempted.  After prayer, the scaffolding came out and the first side of the roof was surveyed by Brother Dave.The second setback of the morning came when Brother Dave found a rotted portion under the shingle that needed to be repaired by custom fitting in new wood.   It was soon lunchtime which was our first of many chances to partake of some large home made meals prepared by Mrs. Powell and Mrs.Coolbaugh. It was amazing how much food all those hungry men can consume.. After lunch, work began again and we noticed some progress. Work continued with great progress for the next couple of days and the job was completed ahead of schelude. The Lord even allow enough time to perform serveral miscelaneous jobs for Mrs. Powell. The work was hard but the Lord allowed the fellowship to be so bleesed that the work was actually fun. Thursday morning, we got on the road back to BBC, with great Blessings and Memories. On Sunday, the group reported to the congregation and thanked them for funding  the trip Then, we conveyed our thanks for the opportunity to make this very special trip.